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Sammlung Schmitt im Showroom Schmitt 2024

Sammlung Schmitt

Showroom Schmitt
Herzliche Einladung zur Vernissage
am Fr., 23.2.2024

Luisenstr. 44, 3.OG
76137 Karlsruhe


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Sammlung Schmitt im Showroom Schmitt 2024

Sammlung Schmitt im Showroom Schmitt 2024



FokiaNou Art Space

Exhibition “The Collection

Opening :   Saturday March 17, 2018 at 7pm.
Duration :   March 17 – 31, 2018
Hours :       Wednesday to Saturday, 5 – 8pm.

FokiaNou Art Space
Fokianou 24, 7th Floor
Athens 116 35

FokiaNou Art Space is pleased to present “The Collection”: a group of works collected by artist / gallerist Christian Schmid.

Based in Karlsruhe, Germany, Schmid has spent the last two decades amassing a collection of nearly 60 works by artists from Karlsruhe, Cologne, Hamburg, Berlin, Vienna, Zurich, Athens and Boston, mainly by swapping his own work with other artists as well as buying some pieces.  Small drawings, paintings, encaustic works, photographs and sculptures make up most of the collection, which also includes ceramic pieces and small installations.

The artists bring a variety of approaches and philosophies to their practices, with older, more well-known, sometimes academically influenced artists juxtaposed with younger, unknown and sometimes even self-taught artists.  The salon-style hanging creates new connections between these varied works.  Schmid’s position as an artist and curator in Karlsruhe has given him a unique opportunity to meet and get to know both the established gallery world and local off-gallery scene, both of which are represented here.

Participating Artists

Enrico Bach  |  Belarmino Barros  |  Adrian Peters  |  Daniel T. Braun  |
Barbara Denzler  |  Andreas Friedrich  |  Jean-Michel Dejasmin  |  Frank Frede  |
Peter Gather  |  Simone van gen Hassend  |  Inga Holst  |  Joachim Hirling  |
Christof Hierholzer  |  Indra  |  Stefan Kunze  |  Alexander Krause  |
Seol Kwon  |  Marco Leube  |  Dieter Paul  |  Jonathan Pornin  |
Heiko Peifer  |  Silke Reeh  |  Nemanja Sarbajic  |  Christian Schmid  |
Matthias Schleifer  |  Oliver Schuß  |  Dorothee Simons  |  Evelyn Taylor-Kopp  |
Irek Tybel  |  Mike Überall  |  Katharina Wolle  |  Hagen Wundbach (from Karlsruhe)  |
Christa Füllbier  |  Tine Schumann  |  Anna Staffel  |  Heiko Sievers (from Berlin)  |
Alexander Mayer  |  Carola Deye (from Hamburg)  |
Michael Schreiner  |  Christian Aberle  |  Victoria Bell  |  Lutz Fezer  |
Adi Meier-Grolman  |  Andreas Keil  |  Inge Schmitt  |  Jürgen Tetzlaff  |
Ulrich Wellmann (from Cologne)  |
Thomas Kaminsky (from Vienna)  |
Jorg Baier (from Brussels)  |
Irini Karayannopoulou  |  Dimitrios Chalatsis (from Athens)  |  and
Wilhelm Neusser (from Boston)